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AltusHost Report Card
Contact Information

Tel: +31 20 808 44 44
Email: sales@altushost.com
Website: http://www.altushost.com/
Address: Kingsfordweg 151
1043GR Amsterdam, _, _, Netherlands

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Report Card Grade

Support A
Sales A
Plans / Features A
Usability A
Final Grade A
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Editor's Review
Host Introduction AltusHost has been providing quality Web Hosting services worldwide since 2008. During the years, AltusHost has succeeded in maintaining the top notch, globally recognizable managed Web Hosting service for thousands of active clients, resulting in their highest satisfaction.

Focusing mainly on uptime and client satisfaction, with the fastest servers on the market and an equally fast support team, AltusHost's performance is second to none.

A unique aspect of AltusHost is high level of sales and tech support guaranteed with all Web Hosting plans they offer. Diversified, well-trained and motivated talent pool work cohesively to deliver solutions around the clock, 24/7 -- to provide recognized global results to AltusHost's clients.

The technical support team sets AltusHost apart from other hosting companies and makes them preferred choice of individuals and businesses.
The goal of AltusHost is to provide renowned managed web hosting services at the lowest possible rate and the highest customer satisfaction. AltusHost have a wide number of solutions, both for personal use, all the way to large scale enterprise users. From scalable shared accounts to large server clusters, you will find that reasonably priced hosting plans, which will meet your rock solid hosting expectations.
Sales Review Grade: A
What we like: AltusHos provides all basic hosting solution at affordable price, including domain registration. Multiple technologies are implemented for VPS to suite your need.
What needs improvement: Dedicated Server costing should reviewed.
Support Review Grade: A
What we like: Turn over time was very good for ticket system. Also replies were precise.
What needs improvement: N/A
Plans / Features Review Grade: A
Usability Review Grade: A
Conclusion Grade: A
AltusHost is a company that wants to eliminate the headaches associated with hosting services in general. They guarantee you will feel like a member of the AltusHost family. They strive to provide service that is not only satisfying but enjoyable. AltusHost works beyond your expectation and go the extra mile to fulfill your needs. All in one hosting solution and service is available at AtlusHost.com
Sales Review
Ticket Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Response time was good.
Response Time (Issue Resolved) All queries where answered properly.
Email Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Response time was good.
Response Time (Issue Resolved) All queries where answered properly.
Live Chat Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Initial response time was good.
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Response was slow, but still good.
Phone Sales No
Sales Contact Details
Sales Telephone n/a
Sales Email sales@altushost.com
Main URL http://www.altushost.com/
Billing Details
Payment Methods
Webmoney Transfer, Bitcoin, Payza, Paysafecard, iD
Account Activation Period 1 day or less
Order Verification Documents Required No
Money Back Guarantee
Does Host have an Money Back Guarantee? Yes
If yes, how many days? 30 days
Hyperlink to Terms and Conditions
Support Review
Ticket Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Good response time.
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Responses included required additional information
Email Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Good response time.
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Responses included required additional information
Live Chat Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Initial response time was good.
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Response was slow, but still good.
Phone Support No
Does Host have an SLA? Yes
If yes, what percentage is the SLA? 99.9%
Hyperlink to SLA https://www.altushost.com/legal/

Consumer Reviews
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Hosting Plans
Plan Category Price Storage Transfer
 Shared Hosting - Tera  Shared Hosting  $14.95  40GB  1000GB
 SharedHosting-Nano  Shared Hosting  $4.95  10GB  250GB
 Shared Hosting - Pico  Shared Hosting  $9.95  20GB  500GB
 Windows VPS - WV4  Virtual Private Servers  $79.95  160GB  5000GB
 Windows VPS - WV3  Virtual Private Servers  $64.95  120GB  3000GB
 Windows VPS - WV2  Virtual Private Servers  $44.95  80GB  2000GB
 Windows VPS - WV1  Virtual Private Servers  $29.95  40GB  1000GB
 Linux VPS - XV4  Virtual Private Servers  $69.95  160GB  5000GB
 Linux VPS - XV3  Virtual Private Servers  $54.95  120GB  3000GB
 Linux VPS - XV2  Virtual Private Servers  $34.95  80GB  2000GB
 Linux VPS - XV1  Virtual Private Servers  $19.95  40GB  1000GB
 HES-SHE2  Dedicated  $499.95  4000GB  30000GB
 HES-SHE1  Dedicated  $359.95  4000GB  30000GB
 SS-NL-ME-4  Dedicated  $189.95  2000GB  20000GB
 SS-ME-2  Dedicated  $169.95  2000GB  20000GB
 SS-NL-ME-1  Dedicated  $109.95  500GB  20480GB
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No. Company Interview Title Date Submitted
1 AltusHost AltusHost Web Host Interview 9/9/2016 9:05:12 AM


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12/2014 / Shared Hosting.
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10/2014 / Virtual Private Servers.
09/2014 / Blog Hosting.
09/2014 / European Hosting.
08/2014 / cPanel Hosting.
08/2014 / European Hosting.
07/2014 / Budget Web Hosting.
07/2014 / European Hosting.
06/2014 / European Hosting.
05/2014 / cPanel Hosting.
04/2014 / European Hosting.
03/2014 / Secure Hosting.
02/2014 / European Hosting.
01/2014 / Shared Hosting.
12/2013 / Secure Hosting.
11/2013 / Shared Hosting.
11/2013 / European Hosting.
10/2013 / Virtual Private Servers.
10/2013 / European Hosting.
09/2013 / European Hosting.
08/2013 / European Hosting.
07/2013 / Secure Hosting.
06/2013 / E-Commerce.
05/2013 / Domain Registration.
04/2013 / Business Web Hosting.
03/2013 / Reseller Hosting.
02/2013 / Blog Hosting.
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12/2012 / cPanel Hosting.
11/2012 / Business Web Hosting.
10/2012 / cPanel Hosting.
09/2012 / Virtual Private Servers.
09/2012 / Email Hosting.
08/2012 / cPanel Hosting.
07/2012 / Domain Registration.

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